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Abbi Devins-Suresh, M.D.

Hi! I am a Software Engineer at Garmin. I hope to be involved in machine learning, artificial intelligence and web development in the future. I grew up in Naples, ME which is a small, rural town in south-western Maine. I originally was exposed to programming and the internals of computers when I about 7 years old as my dad was a software engineer at the time. However, I didn't pursue learning more about programming until my tween years where I was taught LOGO in a gifted and talented math class. I also learned HTML and CSS on my own time during the years that followed. While I was in college, I pursued neuroscience as it was an interest of mine and learned a lot about the basic foundations of the brain as well as the workings of the nervous system in different animal systems. I graduated with honors in neuroscience and headed off to medical school at the University of Vermont. I have since graduated from that institution and obtained a BS degree in computer science from Oregon State University. I hope to combine my interests in public health, data science and neuroscience with my burgeoning skills in technology. I was initially interested in primarily web development but with the exposure I have had in my curriculum at Oregon State and in conferences I have attended (DevWeek2019) and books and podcasts I've been exposed to, I have realized an interest in software engineering with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence.
abstract world painting
Abstract World Painting
acadia painting
Acadia, ME Abstract Painting
adirondack painting
Adirondacks Painting
Kamala Harris painting
Kamala Harris Painting
paternal GF painting
Paternal GrandFather Painting
paternal GM painting
Paternal GrandMother Painting
self-portrait painting
Self-Portrait (Close-up)
Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Arcade Game Clone App-Udacity Nanodegree Program
Memory Game App-Udacity Nanodegree Program
Book Tracking App-Udacity Nanodegree Program
  • Oregon State University (computer science, grad. June 2020)
  • Udacity Nanodegree Front-End Web Development Program (grad. October 2018)
  • University of Vermont College of Medicine (doctor of medicine, grad. May 2018)
  • Bowdoin College (neuroscience, grad. May 2012)
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